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Hard Times Are Ending!

Posted on February 1, 2014

I can’t believe I did this….. But apparently I did…. I appear to have forgotten to tell you all, something very important. The hard times in my house are coming to an end. And I hope we never see times so tough again ever. Because it was hard. Over a year of extremely hard. Dr. Primrose’s green card came through a while ago. And…… It took a few weeks, but the first place he interviewed at once his green card came through….. Made him a very strong offer, (in one of the worst economic periods in American history who gets that lucky? Only Dr. Primrose and the Swedish hockey team.) We decided after seeing the offer…… To accept it! Starting on Monday, Dr. Primrose, will be a working member of society again. And I am over the moon because times have been tough for so long. And I am so proud of him.I am also over the moon, because, his job is in the next town over, In Lexington….. This means, I finally get settle down like I always dreamed we would. I get to live in my own house. I don’t have to worry about moving to some state with weird politicians making dumb decisions about women’s health issues that they have no business sticking their noses into. I am breathing a sigh of relief, I get to stay here in MA, in a state I love a place I know, where everyone speaks my language and I have some friends and family and I am not starting all over again from nothing yet again. I am so so so happy. I think I will make some cookies for his office to express my gratitude. Right now, I am just swimming in gratitude, to my family who has opted to help us keep Cafe Primrose alive by solving our space issue, and to Dr. Primrose’s new employer for making it possible for me to remain here. Everything that I wanted for myself over the last few years is falling into place and I wanted to make this post just to congratulate my husband because he has done so much work and gone through so much red tape in order to make it possible for us to live the life I want for us.

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