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Three Tier Spice Rack

Posted on February 19, 2014

Magnetic Spice Rack Cafe Primrose Style

Magnetic Spice Rack Cafe Primrose Style

A bit of junk yard chic if you will. Though I promise you nothing in this great little Three Tier Magnetic Spice Rack came from an actual junk yard. We bought the components for other projects around the house from a very nice Viennese hardware store. We did not end up using all of them as we intended, and my husband hates wasting money. I made the first lovely little magnet and scrap metal rack, for my own kitchen as a way to show him that not a penny went to waste. We use it all the time. It is a marvel to many people who see the inside of my home. They tell me it is so unusual and interesting and lovely when full of spices. This is a very practical rack. Easy to use and easy to take apart to clean. Even easy to put back together. People think it is very easy to make and it is but the magnets are not crafting magnets, which means to build one yourself, would not be so easy. The magnets hold very well, and you can create all kinds of ways to label your jars if you wish to. Right now, I have only gold lids, however, I can spray paint them white upon request and the ribbon color can be of your choosing so long as you contact me by email and let me know what you want, should you wish for something designed for your own color schemes and decor in your kitchen.

Empty Spice Rack

Empty Spice Rack

Magnetic Three Tier Spice Rack

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