Cafe Primrose

Winter Swans

Posted on February 3, 2014



Dr. Primrose took a long walk today with our large furball. This is what they saw…. A beautiful pair of winter swans….. I don’t think I have ever seen swans in the ice and cold like this…. But such a pretty image deserved to be shared. I call the one on the right Kaer, and the one on the left Angus Og, this is after all Boston. As everyone knows, Boston is a very Irish kind of place. So it somehow seems fitting to name the swans after the goddess of dreams who was the beloved of the Irish god of love Angus Og. Kaer, was under an enchantment she had to live as a swan. One night Angus Og, dreamed of her and he fell in love. He had to find her to tell her of what was in his heart. He searched a year and a day growing pale and thin for the love of a maiden he could not locate. He returned home in a poor state, and every time he slept he saw her face. Rather than getting better, he got worse till finally his brother dragged him on another search of a year and a day to find the maiden of Angus’s dreams. This time, they struck gold. Only, she wasn’t a maiden, she was a swan! Poor Angus Og, went to beg her to return to her human form to live with him. She refused asking him how he could expect to tie her to earth when as a swan she knew the depth of the water, the solid of the earth and the freedom of the sky. He had no answer for her. So, he transformed himself into a swan and now, they travel together always. So, I will name these two swans after those lovers of Irish folklore. Now, time for me to go have some dreams….. Good night.

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