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Yearning for Sunlight

Posted on February 15, 2014

This is a really wonderful fragrance the kind of thing that we New Englanders, live for during long winter weeks of blizzard conditions, to remind ourselves, it will end eventually and once again, we will know the Sunlight.

Sunlight Fragrance Soap

Sunlight Fragrance Soap

Our sunlight fragrance soap smells warm and wonderful, like a summer day, flowers in the air and some lovely herbal tones with what smells like a hint of a cool breeze, breaking up the rays of the beautiful warm summer sun as it beats down from above. This is not hot and spicy but more warm with the light fragrance of flowers and gardens.

I invented this wonderful artisan fragrance which is largely made with organic all natural essential oils only recently. I have a friend who is eight years old. I pick her up a couple of days after school, and I bring her back here to wait for her mum to come pick her up. While she is here, we have a very good time making all kinds of things. This is a fragrance we cooked up together. It is her favorite one yet.

These soaps, are 3 inches tall They weigh just over 3 ounces. Our soap base here is made from a wide combination of ingredients that I mix up in the kitchen all of them fantastic for skin. Shea, olive oil, aloe from our own kitchen aloe plant, goats milk, honey, and jojoba. Our bars of soap are less drying than most others with a rich beautiful lather and a fragrance that can’t be beat! About 98% our ingredients in this soap bar are organic and completely natural.

Sunlight Soap

Sunlight Soap

This soap is part of my poem series which includes, Sea Rose fragrance, on the back is a lovely poem for a nice bath meditation experience.

Soap is NOT safe to eat,
Keep out of reach of children!
If you are allergic to essential or fragrance oils or anything else mentioned in this description or product title, please do NOT order this soap! It looks beautiful and smells absolutely wonderful, but your health is important. Please, don’t take any risks.

Thank you for stopping by our gift shop.

Sunlight Soap

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