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Starting Over For The Last Time

Posted on March 29, 2014

It seems, my life over the last 7 or 8 years has just been a series of moves internationally, all over the world. We did finally make it home, only to find this place is my house, not our house and it is far too small for us, Cafe Primrose, our friend who rents a room from us, and both of us. All that in less than 1200 square feet with only a small city back yard space. Right now my work place is not even in the house which makes it hard for me to get my work done since I don’t drive…. The dogs are miserable with our small back yard and in the house we feel cramped in like a bunch of sardines. It has been a tough year and a half getting my husband a green card so he can get a job, which he did almost immediately…..

I have to apologize for my absence which may continue for a while, things have been rather stagnant for a long time, no money, cramped conditions, no work space in the house….. Waiting all the time to settle down as we travel around the world for so many years…. Suddenly, the green card happened the job happened about a week and a half later, and we bought a car too, I started driving lessons so we could make more drastic changes to our life, and I continue to take them but I am nearly ready for my road test now. Things are happening at high speed I have been waiting for change and movement for so long but it is all happening really fast and so I am often really busy lately.

One other thing in flux, is our living situation…………. Our offer on a new house out in the small town of Berlin MA, has been accepted. Some time next week we have the purchase and Sale, and then at the end of April we close. We will be starting over in a beautiful new house that is a reproduction of a very old house in Sturbridge Village on nearly 5 acres of land. Time for my little hobby farm dream to come true. It is kind of a primitive place so far as decor and design go. We are very very excited. I don’t have photos of it to share just yet, but I am going to look into getting some. The Cafe Dogs, are thrilled with this, and soon enough we will have a proper vegie garden and rasberry bushes and some fruit trees. There is space for my dream of chickens to come through and a couple of bee hives for honey, and even additional space for goats and horses with trails leading off the property and into the woods. There is also a large room on the first floor, for Cafe Primrose to live right beside the kitchen. It is the perfect spot.

We don’t know very much yet about Berlin, but here is what we do know, it is right up next to Hudson MA, which is just the cutest little mill town that seems to be one of the few of them that missed the MA mill town curse, of being terribly depressed neighborhoods with high crime rates. We really liked walking around there. Berlin, is made up of roughly 2000 people 700 families which makes it some where in the top 5 smallest towns of MA I would guess. It is a farming community of hard working people who seem to liveĀ  quiet happy lives…. We can’t wait to get to know the people of Berlin MA and our neighbors around us. One of our neighbors, works for the MSPCA farm division, so at some point we might add a donation button to this site to try to help them. They keep a bunch of horses in a corral at the end of our long drive way actually on our property, and no I will not make them move when we buy the house. I am always happy to help people who help pets. So if they want to keep using the corral on my property, nothing would make me happier. The other wonderful thing about Berlin, is, there is no leash law! Which means our hyper black dog can run free as a bird! This really is the perfect solution for all of us and I see a very happy life ahead of us and all kinds of great things to share here on the blog in the future. Hopefully one of these days I can put up some photos of the new place!

I need you all to do something for me, hang tight, I have not left you, my world is just rocking right now out of control. Soon as things start to settle I will be back. And I will up date when I can…. But for a little while still it might be rather sporadic and rare. So hold on, I want nothing more than to keep this blog going. :)

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