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A Pleasant Wind (Or, My Vacation Message On Etsy)

Posted on July 13, 2014

The day before I left for Cape Cod, I did what every good Etsy seller does when they go on vacation. I set the Etsy, shop to vacation mode. One part of that is adding a response message explaining the situation to anyone that makes contact over Etsy while you are away, an auto message. Usually it hits certain points and explains that you are away on vacation. Here is the message that anyone who contacts me on Etsy, will get.

I heard the seagulls calling my name,
Up high in the sky, in their domain.
I dreamed of the water above which they fly
and of a brilliant star filled sky.
So I know, that once again,
it is time for a trip to the Cape Cod of Heaven.
We will be gone for just over a week.
Fun in the sun is what we seek.
A pleasant wind will be our friend,
And then to Etsy, we will return at the week’s end.
Please forgive us for going away,
The gulls were calling we simply could not stay.
We apologize for inconveniencing you,
please return in a week when we open anew.
And remember however far we roam with the tide,
A life without you we can not abide.
Dearly we love you, who ever you are,
I hope you too in summer, spend a week chasing your heart.
All the best wishes we wish unto you
We will see you when the week is threw.

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