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All Hands, Set Sail! We’re Bound For The Horizon!

Posted on July 12, 2014

Right about now the old Mr. Rogers song “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….” runs through my head. Because it truly is beautiful here by the sea where the stars shine bright above us like little holes in a dark blanket that blinds us to the sunlight we get to play beneath all day. I can smell the ocean and I hear the seagulls screaming. For me, one of the hardest things has always been to be too far from the ocean to visit it with any regularity. Once again at the Cape! I am afraid so far all we have photographed is a bird we saw that we thought was rather pretty.

Please don't ask me what kind it is. I really don't know... All I know is, this is NOT a seagull.

Please don’t ask me what kind it is. I really don’t know… All I know is, this is NOT a seagull.

We got up this morning with the sun, and headed to the beach to greet the ocean, only to find when we arrived down on the strand that the sea, was not at home. She left behind her sandy bottom though. So, we walked all over the ocean’s floor, with our boys Yoda and Avery, who had a ball. This is one of our favorite activities at the Cape. To go see what treasures the ocean forgets when she vacates the premises. And it was as lovely a walk as I remember it. The banks of sand start to turn different colors, orange, red, pink, black, golden, and sometimes even blue or green. When we were done we returned to the house and went shopping. I picked up a beautiful book called Flight Of The Sparrow by Amy Belding Brown. I have only just started it, but already I am loving it. Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good tale of New England. This is well written and haunting. Upon returning home from our little shopping excursion, Dr. Primrose, and I made a terrible discovery… The dogs, that we had thought were tired after their walk on the sand flats were not so tired as we thought. They were mad that they were left behind for an hour while we ran our errands, so, they did their favorite form of revenge. They got into the garbage and spread it everywhere. Twice now they have done it today, that was just the first time….. It has been an eventful day, and now I am taking a break with my book while Dr. Primrose, goes to the beach for a little while play with the kayak since a neighbor has borrowed the motor boat. Later, we will walk again on the sand flats with the dogs while we watch the sun go down, before we head out for a special anniversary. Today is 6 years of marriage for us. And I want to wish Dr. Primrose a happy anniversary. Here’s to the rest of our lives. Tomorrow, will be full of new adventures, perhaps I will have more to share then. I leave you all with one more photo of the bird we photographed.

Another shot of a bird.

Another shot of a bird.

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