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Apple Picking At Berlin Orchards

Posted on October 2, 2014



Just the other day, we drove five minutes from our new home at Wildflower Farm, exploring the area, and we found ourselves at Berlin Orchards. We arrived and we could smell the apples. It was really cute. Great place to take kids cute little playhouses for them and a hay ride pulled by some sort of truck thing all the way to the orchards and if you thought you smelled the apples down near the parking lot….. When you actually reach the orchard, it is overwhelming. There are trees as far as the eye can see divided into sections of different varieties of apples. You just look at the signs and go get your choice of apples. They look so lovely hanging from the vine.

As much as I love apples, the best part of my day was not picking the apples. It was noticing what some of the other apple pickers were up to. There was an adorable little family with a group of kids. One of them fairly young. There was also an african american waiting for the hay ride back to the parking lot. He thought the little boy was very cute and said hello. There was a sense of community between all of us there to collect apples. The little boy got scared. He hid behind his mother. She did something then that I did not expect. Rather than just shrugging and apologizing, she picked her son up and said to him, “Come on, let’s go say hello to that nice man.” She was teaching him, that though we come with differences, kind of like the various varieties of apples we were all picking, we are all still people. And we are all good people. She was showing him that kindness comes in all shapes and colors. It was I think, perhaps the most beautiful part of my trip to Berlin Orhards. Add to that that I left with a huge bag of my favorite kind of apples and got to explore my new home too…. It was a fantastic and magical experience. I loved apple picking at Berlin Orchards. I loved the other apple pickers, I loved the lesson that mother was teaching her son. it was a great day



I highly recommend Berlin orchards for those looking to collect big bags of apples. We had a great time.

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