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Posted on February 24, 2015

Hi, Sorry, so much is going on, it has been a rough winter here with an unbelievable amount of snow….. Unreal actually…. Anyway, some of you, may have noticed the blog is yet again changing shape a bit. All the old stuff we used to do we are still doing! No worries! But as life changes so too does this blog.

A bit about how life has changed since this blog started. It was created in the living room of our temporary home in Austria. One of the stops on our nomadic journey. It is where the idea was born and where it took root and began to grow.

From there, we traveled visiting places like Prague and family in Finland and other interesting places…. Well, though settled down now, we are not done traveling yet. A little “bird” named Dr. Primrose, has informed me at some point though not any time soon we are headed to Great Britain for a month for his job. Oh it won’t be for quite a while, so don’t hold your breath. And Ummm I guess “bird” is rather the wrong term for my “bloke” of a husband, isn’t it? When we go, I will head to Ireland too. The one place I have dreamed of seeing my whole life and ironically perhaps one of the only places in Europe I have never set one toe. Perhaps I will do some other traveling during that month too…. We’ll just have to wait indefinitely to see.

After so much time in and around Europe, we packed the puppies and hired a moving company, and headed to my home in Arlington MA, a tiny apartment with a nice enough city yard in the big city by Boston MA. Well, that was rough. Dr. Primrose, had to go through immigration and to make ends meet in the tiny city apartment we had to live with a series of short term roommates….. So I had 3 people 2 dogs and a small business in less than 1100 square feet.

So something had to change. My dad, out in Lexington in an old dairy farm was kind enough to give me cheap rent for a few months for the studio, which allowed Cafe Primrose to survive. And the immigration process ended and my husband got a job. We looked at our city lifestyle. I had always dreamed of something else and he was not thrilled with the lack of privacy in the city…. Sooooooooooooo Off to the country we went.

Which leaves us here. An old fashioned rustic primitive style farmhouse with wide plank floors and beamed ceilings on 5 acres of land about an hour from Boston just into Worcester county in the smallest town in MA outside of western ma. Seriously, this whole town is smaller than the highschool I graduated from by over 1000 people. When we moved, so too did Cafe Primrose, which now has a beautiful large space of it’s own here in the house… We got goats and chickens and named our little slice of soul enriching enchantment, Wildflower Farm.

As we have settled into our new home, we realized, that we have so much space not just in land but in the house too. A whole wing upstairs with 2 bedrooms neither of which we have any use for. So we started The Wildflower B&B which is just our farmhouse and it’s extra bedrooms. To reflect this new adventure, the blog has changed shape a bit… But we will continue doing what we have always done as well as making The Wildflower B&B an integrated part of the blog from here on out. Soooo, if you are looking for the old stuff, check the bar on the right side of the page. :) I hope you will all learn to love Wildflower Farm and B&B as much as I do.

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