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Cafe Primrose Studio is HIRING!!!!

Posted on March 9, 2015

Cafe Primrose Is Hring

Cafe Primrose Is Hiring

I am looking for a part time once a week personal assistant to help me out in the studio. Someone with steady hands for fine detail work, a car is necessary as there is other help including purchasing materials to work with, and running errands. Think of this as one part taxi driving 2 parts arts and crafts and part home management assistance. The studio, is located on a 5 acre functioning homestead. This is a great position for mothers, bring your baby to work, it is no problem. Or possibly bring your dog to work and to play. We have trails through the woods and there are already 2 pups in the studio. The right dog would be welcome. This is a great position for the right person who is looking for a few hours a week and is highly reliable. There is pay involved and additional pay is possible, additional hours at a higher pay rate will occasionally be available. Also possible would be commission on items you help with that sell. If interested contact me and we can talk.

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My table

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