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Cool Tote Bags!!!

Posted on March 14, 2015

Grammie's Little Aprons

Grammie’s Little Aprons

It began as a give away…. And it turned into an exchange. I want to introduce you all to the work of my friend Dawn, from Grammie’s Little Aprons. Dawn, is a sewing enthusiast. But more importantly, though from different regions of the country, we have become friends. She is a lovely person. So I wanted to draw some attention to some of what she does. It is really quite cool.

Dawn, takes old feed bags and with her mad sewing skills, she converts them into little tote bags! It’s really cool and kinda pretty. What else is great, is that these bags are reusable and can hold some actual weight. So they are highly functional. Take them to the grocery store. They are so much nicer than the other reusable bags that just have some Grocery store’s logo on them. When not making totes, Dawn focuses on aprons. Her work is fantastic as she holds herself to a very high standard.

Grammie's Little Aprons

Grammie’s Little Aprons

I had a really wonderful time getting to know Dawn and I LOVE my bags from her little shop Grammie’s Little Aprons. So, I wanted to share them. I think they are fabulous. Thanx Dawn! Your spice rack is getting shipped Monday! :)

It really is wonderful the way Facebook, connects so many of us to each other and how we all get to learn, grow, and enjoy each other’s work. I really love these bags. They are not mass produced as many bags in this world are. They were made for me by my friend Dawn. So if you are on facebook or are looking for an apron, or tote bags, Grammie’s is where I would go.

Grammie's Little Aprons

Grammie’s Little Aprons

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  1. Robyn Jeannotte

    Love love love the chicken bags!!!! I have 14 chickens I love so much

  2. Dawn

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!!! I love sewing; got it from my mother. Hope you enjoy the bags for many years to come. They are washable as well, throw em in the washing machine and you’re good to go…

    If you ever want more; to replace those cheapy plastic grocery bags, or the cloth type the stores all sell that last all of a few months – just give me a shout!!

    I hope to get up your way and visit one of these days.. But Texas sure is a long way away, it seems!

    It was very nice chatting with you, and making a new friend!!


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