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Posted on March 17, 2015

Lookin' real good sooner than expected!

Lookin’ real good sooner than expected!

We have two open positions. One of them is a weekly studio assistant position a few hours one day a week to help me out in the studio and with running errands, and packing boxes and getting them out for shipping. There may be some irregular additional hours and pay for assistance at the occasional craft fair. Also some commissions on sales may be possible. This is also a child friendly place of employment bringing the kid to work is no problem so long as the job is also getting done. It also might be a dog friendly place of work too. There are already 2 dogs and if your dog fits into the pack well, bringing it to work here on 5 acres of land by trails through the woods will be no problem, but again, the job must be getting done.



The job opportunity we have available is as animal sitter so we can go away a little bit during the summer. We will need someone a couple of weeks over the summer (one at least in July) and the occasional weekend. BEFORE responding to this second job ask yourself a few questions:

1. Am I available as needed over most of the summer?

2. Am I able to manage 4 goats by myself?

3. Can I recognize the signs of a goat or chicken that needs the vet?

4. Am I sound enough of body to muck  one stall and clean the chicken coop?

5. Can I handle goats in a bad mood without resorting to violence when they try to headbutt me to death? (they have no horns but it can still hurt.)

6. Do I know how to deliver goat babies?

7. Can I milk a goat?

8. Do I have references specifically for goat sitting?

9. Can I come twice a day to feed and close goats and chickens in at night?

10. Do I know where to get food for the animals should I run out? Yes we will reimburse you.

This job also includes possibly providing care for our dogs and our chickens also. The chickens are free range and not particularly difficult. You are welcome to any eggs they lay while you sit for them, while we are not home. Same goes for any goat milk should it be available so long as you know how to process it in addition to your standard pay in money.

Angry Chickens Stage Occupy protest on the Front Steps, For More Worms More Often!

Angry Chickens Stage Occupy protest on the Front Steps, For More Worms More Often!

These are great jobs for just about anyone. The studio assistant position might be good for a highschool student or even a stay at home mother. But really I am just looking for anyone with the skill set I need and the reliability. And I am sorry, I realize your son or daughter might have gone to 4H, I am sure they are wonderful with farm animals but I am not entrusting my animals to a fourteen year old.

This is a fun place to work, I am nicer than I sound, I am just frustrated, having trouble finding the help I need. I am usually fun and pretty down to earth to work for. This is a great place, an old style functioning homestead with a crafting studio space and lots of nice outdoor space in the spring, summer, and fall, and a nice wood stove to work by in the winter.

Great in all seasons! Designed by Cafe Primrose and photographed by Paul S. Robinson

Great in all seasons! Designed by Cafe Primrose and photographed by Paul S. Robinson

I am also open to taking on a partner, for the Cafe Primrose studio rather than hiring, If this option interests you get in touch…. We can try to work something out.

Room for two

Room for two

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