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The Foxglove Room

Posted on March 19, 2015

The Foxglove Room

The Foxglove Room

The Foxglove room is one of our two available rooms. It is the one we rent most often as it has a queen sized bed and a rustic, colonial, primitive style that goes well with the rest of the house. Click here to book.

Foxglove Room

Foxglove Room

The Foxglove room is private space for our guests. The bed is comfy, the blankets are warm in winter and we provide air conditioning in summer. Wifi, is available in this room for guest convenience.

Late autum views

Late autumn views

The views are incredible in all seasons.

Winter View of Winter Storm Juno

Winter View of the forest during Winter Storm Juno

Views from this room through the front of the house show the long winding drive and sometimes even deer in the front yard.

Front yard

Front yard and deer

The Foxglove room is luxurious providing fluffy towels and bathrobes as well as small sample bar of soap and a sample bag of our bath salt made downstairs in the studio/gift shop. You will also find water in a pitcher and a couple simple cups.

A private bathroom comes with this room and in it you will find all the essentials from liquid hand soap by the sink, shampoo and conditioner in the shower, to toilet paper, and even moisturizing hand creme by the sink.

Wildflower Farm, is a high class high quality place to stay in any and every season.

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