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Posted on April 30, 2015

Early Spring At Wildflower Farm

Early Spring At Wildflower Farm

I took this picture yesterday. I love they way it expresses the early New England Spring. Before the leaves return to the trees and before the greenery comes back in a giant wave all of a sudden, bursting up and out of the ground. It isn’t cold and it isn’t white anymore. And though we are still waiting for everything to explode into one of the most beautiful spring times on the planet, we celebrate because the 7 feet of snow we were shoveling all winter has already become a distant melody that we barely remember. Now we wait, for that sudden explosion when New England comes into it’s spring time. Already the birds are returning, already, people are going outside again and laughing, letting go of the winter cozy and embracing a warmth that here in New England we fill up on to get us through the dark, cold, and white time of the year that is still just coming to a close, fading away in early spring mist, sunshine, and the early jonquils starting to bloom bright and yellow in gardens all over the area, harbingers of the glorious three seasons to come.

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