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Goat Escape!

Posted on April 14, 2015

Napping In The Glow Of Freedom.

Napping In The Glow Of Freedom.

Well well well…. We have had a difficult last 24 hours. the goats escaped for the third time in that time today. After their felony jail break, they decided it was nap time….. Later, they would poop on their favorite napping spot and felony assault the dogs who were just trying to get a bit of afternoon “relief.” They also busted into the chicken coop…. No wonder they seem so tired here. A life of crime requires adequate sleep which can only be achieved on the front steps and only after FREEDOM! (insert Scottish accent on the word “freedom”,) has been achieved. What worries me most is the day when freedom won’t be enough, and they will start wanting voting rights….. We will end up with a congress of second cut hay and a president sweet feed.

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