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Heidi The Barn Cat

Posted on April 27, 2015

Mrs. Melanie Wilkes

Mrs. Melanie Wilkes

Heidi, is a sweet friendly girl. She is about 10 years old with issues that make her unacceptable in a home. So, we adopted her from Dakin Animal Shelter over the weekend, to live in our barn and catch mice. She is a good mouser and just her presence in the barn proves a deterent for small rodents.

We weren’t planning to get a cat but the rodent problem was just getting sooo bad and with all the animals going into the feed room putting down poison was not an option. So after much discussion and consideration, we went to the shelter and we took part in their barn cat program. And I think we got a good one.

Heidi, is true in character to her name sake, docile, and sweet, calm and gentle. We are happy to add her to our barn where she live with the goats, and we look forward to the end of the rodents.

If you are looking for a pet, make sure you can give it a forever home. Make sure you can afford to feed it, and house it and afford whatever vet care that it will need. And if you are confident you can do all that, and you are in a location that allows pets that you won’t have to leave, then I suggest a shelter pet. And while you are there, if you can afford to, give them an additional donation. What they do for animals like Heidi here, is truly wonderful and so so so very needed. And lastly, make sure that if you do get a pet that it either comes fixed or, get it fixed! Help create less need for shelters. Heidi wanted me to thank all the staff at Dakin, for their care and kindness during her stay with them. Thank you Dakin. Heidi will live a happy life now because you gave her a second chance.

And to our guests, our cat is a barn cat. She is not allowed in the house. But if you see her outside, Heidi, is generally very sweet and gentle. Feel free to give her some pats and make her purr.  She will enjoy that. We ask that you respect her barn cat status by not bringing her inside when you come in from the outdoors.

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