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New Fence! New Space! The Goat Universe Expands.

Posted on April 29, 2015

Goats in the new pasture.

Goats in the new pasture.

The goats, are slowly taking to their new and far larger pasture. Before they had a small pen that was just passable in size my vet said. I responded, that we don’t do just passable here. NOT when it concerns the needs and well being of our animals. She said it would be cool if I could fence off the top of the hill….. Soooo  did one better, I fenced off the base of the hill way back in the woods to give 4 goats the space that 15 goats would find comfortable. Because we don’t do just passable here.

The old fence was falling apart, so I called in a fantastic handyman from Arlington. He did high quality work at a very decent rate. He was kind to the animals and even put up with some of their abuse. (Goats head but everyone, it is just part of being and interacting with goats.) He didn’t quit. He took it with a sense of humor and a great attitude. He was wonderful. We really are grateful to Danny’s Handyman. He did a fabulous job. We have every intent on hiring him again one day when we are ready to take on our next project. Which may not be for a while… But, I can’t say enough about how wonderful Danny is and the good work he does.

So, that is what goes on here today. Perhaps tomorrow will be interesting too…. 😉 We’ll have to wait and see.

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