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The Buy Away Winner Is….. Daisycrazy Creations!

Posted on April 20, 2015

Daisy Crazy Creations

Daisycrazy Creations

Recently, I held a contest while Dr. Primrose was out of town. It was one of those “while the cat’s away the mice can play,” sort of a thing. He left on a sudden business trip without much notice, so I decided to spend some money hosting my “Buy Away Contest.” Many  crafters, artists, and creators competed for my patronage on Facebook, posting photos of their for sale items that fell within my budget limit. This, was one of my favorite entries, a felt art framed heart with embroidery, created by Daisycrazy Creations, Or look her up on Facebook.  She does beautiful work over there in GB. I love what I bought and I highly recommend her work for anyone looking for wall art. There is no doubt that at some point I may go looking through her shop again one day when I next have the itch to decorate my new home. This is a lovely high quality product and I am proud to display it in my home and one of the available rooms for rent here at the B&B. Thank you Daisycrazy Creations, you made it a wonderful experience buying from you.

Daisycrazy Creations

Daisycrazy Creations

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