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Boston, Should Be Better Than This.

Posted on May 15, 2015

Normally, I try to stay away from posts like this…. This blog is about other things. It is as much a personal blog as it is a business blog. And when something touches me deeply I can’t help myself but to write about it.I was born in Alston MA. I grew up in the Boston area. I was in Arlington at the time of the Marathon Bombing. It shocked me and broke my heart. I didn’t understand how anyone could lash out like that against my home….. I still don’t understand it. It upsets me beyond the ability to express myself.

A nineteen year old child dominated by his older brother and delusions of Allah, turned out to be responsible. And now, I am listening to the news and I feel this urge to vomit. They are congratulating us for deciding to put a kid to death. They are calling it a fair trial. And I have to ask…..

Fair to who? Fair to the people of Boston, it was most certainly NOT. It was taken out of our state courts by the fed that completely walks all over state’s rights in a concerted effort to kill a little boy. MA, the state and the people this little boy committed a crime against don’t allow for the death penalty. It is one of the things about this state, I cherish. We don’t do that here. We are civilized in this state and we are educated. We understand that execution is inhuman, it does not deter crime, it does not bring back the dead, it does not fix the injured, it does not bring the approval and favors of the God of Justice, It does not give closure to the victim’s families, it does not cost less than life incarceration, it does NOT in any way add up to justice having been served only vengeance.

In MA, we do not sacrifice our criminals to the god of justice like prehistoric people once sacrificed virgins to volcanoes hoping the gods would send them rain or a less crime ridden society.

There has been so much loss and devestation already and we in this state have voted again and again against executing criminals. So, the fed took him out of our jurisdiction and I still don’t understand what gave them the right. They did it to kill a confused, sick, twisted, violent little boy that can NEVER walk free again after what he has done.

It is also unfair to the victim of the federal justice system that was just sentenced to death. How can you commit an act like that and still try him in the location he committed his crimes against??? The people here are angry. No one can give him a fair chance after what he did in our back yard. How can they? Could you? I won’t pretend that I could have given him a fair hearing of his case. I don’t think I could. Which is why, this case stolen from MA by the Fed in order to kill a child in the name of “justice” should have been tried in some other state.

At the end of this trial I find the Fed is no less a terrorist than the terrorist who is going to be executed for bombing our marathon. I think we as a people should be better than to stoop to the level of someone we don’t think deserves the right to live because of what he has done.

Oh I know he is guilty. I know he is dangerous and my last reason for not supporting the death penalty in favor of eternity in prison is because he wants to die. He thinks he is going to get 50 virgins in heaven. And I don’t feel that someone who kills a 6 year old should get his 50 virgins and become a martyr to a sick and twisted cause.

So thank you Fed, for giving him his 50 virgins, walking all over state’s rights and creating a martyr. You are not on my happy list today.  If you represent the people of this country I think we all need to look at who we are becoming…. An uncivilized herd of people fine with killing babies in a war that will never end. A war with escalating violence. I think we need to ask ourselves, do we want to keep the violence escalating or do we want to start defusing it? One way to have begun the latter might have been to let this kid live the rest of his life in prison.

I feel for the victims, their families and I recognize one new victim of the Marathon Bombing, the perpetrator and his family who will lose a loved one. My heart breaks for everyone involved in this horrible event and my disgust goes out to the media celebrating the uhhh “fairness” of a nineteen year old child being sentenced to death.

It is what we do in our darkest hour that dictates who we are. I hope we are all fine with what the Fed has just turned us into here in Boston. I am not. This verdict serves no one but the continued cause of violence. We could have chosen another path. A path of compassion.

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