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A Power Outage This Morning Creates A Romantic Atmosphere

Posted on June 1, 2015

Guests at Wildflower Farm B&B

Guests at Wildflower Farm B&B

Most mornings I wake up early to prepare breakfast for my guests. This morning was pretty typical….. Until I used the bathroom and tried to wash my hands just after crawling out of bed. I made a horrific discovery…. Which can mean one of 2 things. We need a new pump for the well which would be tragic since I just bought a new one literally only a couple months back. Or, the electricity is out. So I tried the light switch. It was a good guess and the right guess. The weather was bad last night. And out here power outages happen now and then.

So there I was, trying to think of what to make for my guests looking around my kitchen in horror realizing nothing would work. There was quite literally nothing I could do for them. I was almost ready to cry when they came down I was so upset. I take pride in the delicious breakfasts we make for our guests here. They thought the whole business was entertaining and just asked for some cereal with milk and a piece of fruit. I realized they had limited visibility because of how overcast it is outside and due to the lack of electricity. So I started pulling out candles and even lit up one of the oil lamps. And yes, this time my guests made their own breakfast. Not a common happening here. The oil lamp created a very romantic ambiance that the guests enjoyed all through breakfast and what could have been a terrible epic fail turned into giggles, and light laughter. And a couple hours later the lights came back!!! I am just so relieved that our guests enjoyed the moment and the lamp light.

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