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Gifts From The Garden

Posted on June 13, 2015

Gifts from our garden

Gifts from our garden

I am feeling very proud of myself. A little over a year ago, I moved with my husband to the small town of Berlin MA, we had traveled all over the world and had spent many years in cities. Well, I was citied out. So when we walked into this lovely farmhouse, and my husband said, “wow, this reminds me of my grandmother’s house when I was very little.” I knew we were home. My eyes lit up at the beautiful beams and all the old fashioned character of the place and seeing my husband have a strong reaction, I knew this was my five acres.

Since that time I  have gotten chickens, goats, honey bees and I have been teaching myself to farm. We had a massive vegetable garden fail last year which was very demoralizing. But, I picked up and tried again. I took some notes from some local gardeners and implemented their “sage” advice. In fact, most of the gardens here are edible. Some are still young because over the last year I have been working to put in a lot more edible gardens and fruit trees, and more berry bushes, and of course the vegetable garden which makes me so very proud this year. It is a raving success! Even the Nasturtiums, are beginning to bloom and will soon look delicious on a plate. The strawberries are starting to ripen in my little strawberry patch and the pumpkins are growing like weeds! The mulberries are coming in for all they are worth and the mature Raspberry bush is starting to produce what will eventually be berries. The berry bushes I planted last year are coming back strong, and our baby peach tree is miraculously producing some peaches. I am so so so excited to see it happening all around me. Each bean and radish and pea and celery, etc, is a little miracle.

A few of today's gifts from the garden.

A few of today’s gifts from the garden.

Though our yield has begun I keep working to make my gardens better and to have even more here to enjoy. Tomorrow, I will be planting the herb garden, winter savory, english lavender, chives, parsley, basil, thyme, lemongrass and so very much more. We prepared a spot in the back of the house just behind the kitchen and dining room. So that when you sit on the brick patio in back, you will get to enjoy the aroma of all sorts of fantastic and edible aromatic herbs. I also have a small lavender garden in the works. It will surround the chicken coop.

Our fruit trees all look like good healthy babies. Only the peach tree is making fruit but the rest are growing like weeds.

We just collected eggs from our coop, and not long ago added another level to our beehive. This winter the goats should be bread for goat milk in the spring….

In addition to all our edible gardens, we also have a few lovely little flower beds that I can’t help but smile at each time I walk past.



This place is becoming the dream I dreamed and carried with me for so long. It is a lot of hard work, but I love doing it and I am proud of the results this year, and I know next year and each year after will just get better and better.

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