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Milk chocolate covered June Yum Yums From The Garden

Posted on June 18, 2015

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Covered June Strawberries.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Covered June Strawberries.

Just another day here at Wildflower Farm and the Cafe Primrose Studio. Today, I made this lovely romantic little desert for my husband, Dr. Primrose, who is an avid lover of our little strawberry patch. These are fresh from the garden. It is 7:45 pm, they were picked at 7:30 pm, washed, slathered in melted down Cadbury Milk Chocolate, and put in the fridge for after dinner. They will be eaten within 2 hours of being picked. They are organic (except the Cadbury chocolate), and are so local that it takes 30 seconds once you exit our back door to reach them.

We love sharing our garden and some of our recipes with our guests. This one is very simple. Add a tiny drop of vegetable oil to half a milk chocolate bar or dark chocolate bar or white chocolate bar,  dip strawberry, put on plate and put plate into the fridge for a short time and if done properly, the chocolate should harden.

We don’t stop at strawberries… No no. That has been done before…. But taking a paint brush and painting some chocolate on a slightly spicy nasturtium flower is also not unheard of here. Also as local as our garden.

We love to share our edible gardens and romantic old fashioned homestead with guests looking for some quiet country charm and romance. And the freshness of our strawberries is unbeatable. As is the freshness of many of our other foods. But, it is all in the timing what you find when you visit here, because different seasons bring different variety. This is pretty special for June.

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