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Posted on November 20, 2015


Embracing Country Life

It has been almost 2 years now since we bought and created a home, and moved the studio to Wildflower Farm a small homestead farm in Berlin MA. We have made some wonderful new friends and reconnected with old friends and family. We have created a small farm here, adopted a barn cat named Heidi, created a home and adopted The Felons, taught ourselves how to keep chickens, and even created a garden in which vegetables actually came up out of the ground! But we haven’t done it alone. Our dogs have been our constant companions on this voyage into a new way of life. They too are sinking into the stillness of the woods that surround us. They to are embracing this new life. And they are loving it!

Napping by the fire, what could be nicer for an old dog?

Napping by the fire, what could be nicer for an old dog?

The furry boyz, have been learning new skills for country living, such as, don’t chase the chickens, avoid the business end of the goats, and don’t bother the bees! They have also learned that we have boundless space to go out every nice day for a good game of ball, they have discovered the path through the woods that surround the house, and have even made their introductions to the neighbor’s horses. Not only have they met all these new domestic forms of country life, they have also met foxes, smelled and heard coyotes, and chased deer madly through the woods and more than once were found a couple miles away…… They have learned the most important lesson of all, there is tons of yuch to roll in out here unlike in the city. My heart fills with joy when I see them exploring the farm, the woods, and even taking off to go visit their favorite neighbor. But then it is back home they come to lay by the fire and rest, or to sit by the glass back door and watch the cat drinking from her water dish outside, or ogling the goats…

Embracing Country Life

Embracing Country Life

This has been a good move and a great new way of living. Every day I wake up more and more glad that we left the city behind us. And I can see on the faces of my furry children that they too are glad as the city life becomes more and more of a distant memory.

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