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Halloween 2015

Posted on November 2, 2015

Avery Halloween 2015 as a penguin.

Avery Halloween 2015 as a penguin.

Happy Halloween! How was yours? Ours was quiet and uneventful, like our low key chrismases back in Vienna. We got several invites to friend’s places and my mom’s to hand out candy. But we are strangers here in a new town and we really wanted too stay here and see what comes up our long winding little private dirt and gravel road. We had candy ready and we were hoping for a show of the kind I used to see at my grandmother’s in Newton, when I was a kid. She was a firm believer that everyone should earn everything they get. She had a policy that in order to get a treat you had to do a trick. She didn’t understand that the or in trick or treat refered to the fact that your house gets egged as a trick if you didn’t give a treat…. She also didn’t grasp the child labor laws too well…. Her house was loads of fun though. Kids showing up from miles around all of them bringing songs, dances, cart wheels, or any other trick with them to perform for their salary of 1 reeses cup per trick. Well, our halloween was rather uneventful. Not 1 trick or treater graced our beautiful new home. But we aren’t sad. More candy for us! And a lifetime to find a way to put ourselves on the trick or treat map here in Berlin MA.

We went on a baking binge

We went on a baking binge

I spent most of my afternoon baking all sorts of yummies…. Then we snacked out and watched TV such as Buffy, and of course it isn’t halloween without Hocus Pocus. I suppose I didn’t make such a big deal out of the holiday this year because I have forgotten how and we don’t know so many people anymore….. All that time in Europe has made me forget how to properly do halloween my favorite holiday. But give me some time I am sure I will relearn.

More baking....

More baking….

We didn’t stop at sugar cookies. We also made cup cakes. And we ran out of time and instead of carving our pumpkins we put them on the front steps uncut. Plus, I was too proud to destroy them. Me and my black thumb of flora death, grew them in the ground all by myself like a real gardener.

MY Pumpkins!

MY Pumpkins!

Though things were slow and quiet I feel good about making a small start at reclaiming my favorite holiday. And I look forward to a future of following my grandmother’s halloween tradition and making it my own. Let’s see what next year is like! I have a feeling it will be even better than this one.

On another subject, a lot has gone on here that has nothing to do with Halloween over the last few months. My grandfather passed away, and some other personal issues reared their ugly heads and I have been so stressed out and bogged down that I had to put the blog aside. I am so sorry. I love doing this blog. And I hate when things get messy like that. But I am back again to write and I look forward to continueing to share things with you all in the future. I have been busy, taking back my music, and farming my land, starting to prep for the winter and finding us a winter tenant. I also have some new photos of the kitchen to share. I re-did parts of it over the last several months. I also have stories of the Felons to regale you with…. Like the time they got arrested by the actual cops when they broke out of their fencing and took off to play three blocks down the road. They made the local paper. But that, is all for another time. Happy halloween from Cafe Primrose and all of us here at Wildflower Farm.

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