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Last Pet Post For a Bit! I Promise

Posted on November 22, 2015

Yoda The Thief

Yoda The Thief

Yeh, I know I am not a pet blog…. But I am a blogger with pets. They are my children and everything they do is amazingly interesting to me. They are also my studio assistants, and the professional greeters at the B&B. They are big personalities and so I have difficulty turning the camera to something else, especially when they are doing something naughty and cute like Yoda, is doing here. I promise, next post will be about something else, something other than pets.

Yoda's Couch Nest

Yoda’s Couch Nest

Yoda, has managed to build himself a nest. Somehow he gathered all the new couch pillows and took them hostage in the corner of the sofa. He then, walked over to me took the blanket right off me and walked off with it back to his nest. Now I am cold and he is comfortable but he won’t even look at me because he knows he has been a naughty thief.  The worst part is, he is too cute to even be mad at.

Yoda, The Naughty

Yoda, The Naughty

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