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A Ride To Remember

Posted on December 11, 2015

The Thing That Pulled The Hay Ride.

The Thing That Pulled The Hay Ride.

This town is multi generational it seems…. Many people stay here their whole lives. There are still a couple big farm families and little farm stands that have been going strong for at least six or seven generations. So, many people in town grow up on farms and know what to call the big old farming machine thing that pulled the hay ride… But I don’t. I was born in the city. Came out here to try to build a different way of life. Machines like this one are a new experience for me. So it was very interesting to see it in the center of town hooked up to the hay ride dragging the wagon full of hay and people around the little church circle at the very heart of Berlin.

Hooked To The Wagon

Hooked To The Wagon

I ofcourse, just had to ride in it…. And what a fabulous little ride it was! Perfect for a small child. We just went right around the church, and got to look out of the wagon at the very heart and center of this little agricultural town, which means, not so very much to see, but I couldn’t help but be spell bound. This is my town and my home. And seeing it from the comfort of curled up in the hay was a wonderful experience.

The driver of the.... thing.

The driver of the…. thing.

The driver was kind enough to let me take his picture. He looks so natural on top of that…. that…. thing….. I recognized him too, he is from one of our favorite local farms, Indian Head Farm. You can get all kinds of goodies over there. So it was nice to see the way these old farming families participate and enrich town life. It was a wonderful ride and I am so thankful that I was able to curl up in the hay and look at my new home the way it was meant to be seen. But ummm Exactly what is that giant machine thing??? This was a really great Christmas activity, My only sorrow was that it ended too soon.

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