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New Sewing Machine

Posted on December 1, 2015

My sewing machine

My sewing machine

One of the most interesting and unique things to a city girl like me, about a little town such as Berlin, the tiny town of about 2500 people, that I now call home, is what I refer to as “the no pay.” And you thought this post was about a sewing machine? Sucker. No I am only joking. It is about a sewing machine. The story just starts at “the no pay.” “the no pay,” is located at the local dump. There is no trash pick up here. You drive your garbage to the dump. At the dump, there is this little “shop.” It contains all kinds of junk. It is a dumping ground for junk exchange. Unwanted stuff that could find a new life with a new owner. No one pays for anything at “the no pay.” It is all free.

My very own sewing machine

My very own sewing machine

Last time I was at “the no pay,” a place where neighbors meet and check in with each other and browse for needed stuff that they would rather no pay for, I found this old antique sewing machine. I am told it works and I hope to test it out one of these days and then teach myself to use it. It will open up a whole new world of crafting and creating for me. I can’t wait to get started with it.

My sewing machine's decor.

My sewing machine’s decor.

I love it’s age and the decorative touches. I wish I knew more about old things such as this beautiful old machine that appears to be from the dawn of electric machinery. I would love to know how to use it, and what something like this would go for in an antique store…. It is amazing to me the treasures that can be found in “the no pay,” of a small town like this one. Moving to such a small place has broadened and enlarged my life and my crafting in ways I never dreamed of when we first bought and settled at Wildflower Farm. Perhaps someone out there can give me some information about this nifty little machine? And perhaps, after years of wandering I have found my forever home with my farm animals and small town oddities such as “the no pay.”

Sewing machine from "The No Pay"

Sewing machine from “The No Pay”

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