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Posted on January 18, 2016

The Introduction To the Boyz

The Introduction To the Boyz

Those of you who are the Christian Mingle type, may want to change your screen and not read this. It is about the good times outside of marriage.  Being a farm, means seeing many an immoral act performed in your back yard. The chickens could tell you a lot about immorality. You should see what they get up to without marrying each other first…… To enjoy this post you will need to take it light heartedly and with the understanding that life happens on the farm. Life ends sometimes, it’s lived, it begins, and new life is often made on healthy farms. And weddings are expensive. I can’t afford that sort of thing for my animals!

Bachelors 1 and 2 They are 2 roomies who enjoy hay and the smell of their own musk.

Bachelors 1 and 2 They are 2 roomies who enjoy hay and the smell of their own musk.

We found The boys on Match.Com, Only kidding!!! We found them right around the corner at the farm of a friend and farm mentor of mine. She has become a good friend in a short time. She has been so wonderful and she teaches me so much about farming, I have already grown a lot as a farmer because she has been so kind to mentor me. So when I noticed that a couple of The Felons, had their tails sky high, and were acting like very rude dogs to one another and then wagging their tails at each other in a way that could actually be called stupidly. I knew….. We had some goats in heat. So we took them around the corner to my friend and mentor’s farm to meet her boyz and a love connection was formed.

The first date begins....

The first date begins….

It was a good introductions, here are some of the pictures I took of them testing each other out and even flirting at times. But since they are animals and are in constant movement sadly, I missed many great shots also.



More flirting... But how do you follow up flirting? It's the poor fellow's first time! He has no idea how the system works!

More flirting… But how do you follow up flirting? It’s the poor fellow’s first time! He has no idea how the system works!

Look at them!!! It's soooo sweet!

Look at them!!! It’s soooo sweet!

What's your name hottie?

What’s your name hottie?

And more flirting!

And more flirting!

The flirting went on and on, as did the head butting. They tested the boys, put them through their paces, demanded to know if they were strong enough to be their men. We’ll see in about a week. Everyone was having such a great time we decided to turn it into a week long vacation so that they could take their time and do this thing right, you know Barry White on the old stereo, some nice wine and roses to set the scene…… If they aren’t eaten first… And a dinner of hay and other goat yums. Now there is no guarantee that anything but a good time is had by all and new friendships form…. But we are hoping for at least one of our girl goats to be due to produce our first litter here at Wildflower Farm in mid June, as a result of all this match making.

We had a fantastic time at my friend’s farm. And we will explore her animals in another post for another day, cuz she has some really interesting things….. We will meet some goats that are even the product of one of the boys we met today. Thank you for joining me on the girl’s first date. It was really cool to watch. I never got to see this kind of thing. Believe it or not, I was a city kid. So this is all new to me and it is so amazingly wonderful.

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    • You are VERY welcome! If we get lucky and the goats got lucky enough to get pregnant, you will have to come out in June, or early July, to meet the baby goats!

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