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Moose Our Horse Friend Moves On

Posted on January 29, 2016



Ok, this is going to sound really really really weird…. But I have to say it. I never knew it was possible to treasure a pile of poop left on the private road to the farm…. But I find that the idea of moving it breaks my heart. It was left there by our friend Moose, the last time we saw him. It is all that is left of him here now…

Last time I saw him, he was being lead up the private road by my neighbor his foster mom, she has done amazing work with him. She actually had managed to get a bit in his mouth to lead him. And he looked like a horse again. A skinny horse, but a horse none the less. Which almost made me cry. Because the first time I saw him he was a clydesdale more than 800 pounds underweight. He was a skeleton, the horse equivalent of a human being that survived Auschwitz at the end of World War Two. A four legged walking skeleton. I did cry that first time I saw him. Then I went home and punched a couple walls. I couldn’t contain my rage that anyone could allow such a majestic creature to become a bag of bones through neglect.

Your support, for this blog and my crafting and my little B&B, made it possible for me to purchase my buddy Moose, food and some of his vet care. So that he would not be too much of a burden on his foster parents and because I felt like I had to help him because his condition was so terrible it haunted me to the point that I couldn’t sleep at night envisioning his emaciated body. Your support allowed me to also purchase hundreds of carrots and many apples for his benefit. Your thoughts and prayers and your caring and following along with his story has made you all participants in his rescue. You helped a desperate living thing. We all did. And we should all be proud.

Today, I went to bring him carrots as I do several times a week….. Only….. He wasn’t there. He was gone. His journey continues. Because of all of us a touch and go case that may not have survived, is recovering and is ready to return to the SPCA farm to seek a forever home. I wish that home could be mine but I am not sure I am the right home for him. But one thing we can all be sure of, where ever he ends up, we have made his life better and we have taught him about kindness. We wish him well and we hope he finds a forever home in which he will continue to know nothing but kindness. And because the SPCA is such a fantastic organization I am certain, they will make sure that is where he ends up.

So I look at the poop on the ground and I cry, I am not sure if I am happy or sad….. Happy that his life is improving sad that I am losing my friend…. But I can’t seem to take the pitchfork and move that poop out of the road.

There will be other needy horses next door, and with your help, we will continue to try to help them all. I have the best readers and blog followers. Compassion is such a gift and seeing how you have poured it out for my friend Moose, has been touching. Thank you all for your support so that I could give him support.


Seems I am a big liar! He IS at the SPCA, I emailed them to find out if I could donate to his care while he waited for his forever home. It seems though that he is only there for a visit to the ferrier. My buddy will be home tomorrow!!! :) Oh I am sooo sooooo happy. But eventually he will go back to find a forever home, just not yet.

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