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New Friends And Activities, And Up Dates!

Posted on January 20, 2016

Some New Friends

Some New Friends

It’s busy times these days at the farm…. Busy busy times…. Right now of our girl Felon Goats, are off at a farm around the corner hopefully breeding….. We have been thankfully re-united with our run away barn cat Scarlett O’Hara….. And the new Craft Circle that meets here each week is already meeting regularly. And this week is the first meeting of The Book Club. And we find ourselves trying to plan our yearly vacations and all sorts of other important things….. So it is a bit crazy here right now….. With all the new friends and activities.

Some Local Ducks

Some Local Ducks

I have been learning a lot from new friends in the community about farming. It has been great. Here we are, taking some time at a friend’s farm looking at her operation and how she manages her animals. Seeing how she does it is of great value to me as it helps me grow and learn. She has The Felons, visiting her right now….. These photos are from when we dropped them off.

Someone has an attitude....

Someone is not impressed by my farming skills…. Thas ok, I am not impressed by her horns so I guess we are even.

It was a really good experience, to meet some more goats and ducks and even a chicken.

Now on to the next major thing that happened. Scarlett O’Hara, made it home! She is now back in the barn with lots of food, water, and warm blankets crated for a while….

Scarlett O'Hara proud and free.

Scarlett O’Hara proud and free.

We are glad to have her home. We missed her and worried about her for a long time. It’s good that she is back where she belongs.

In other important notes, Moose, our horse friend next door does better and better. But it will still be a very long time before he is in a good space. We are so glad to see him headed in a good direction though, and he will get there in time.

As for me, I seem to have the flu. I have been really really sick now for over a week… So I am very very tired. But other than that life is good.

If you want to join us for book club or craft circle, by all means go to the meet up pages and RSVP. Don’t be a stranger. :)

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