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Posted on February 12, 2016

Early Spring At Wildflower Farm

Early Spring At Wildflower Farm

Spring will be here before too long…. And we are looking for fun new ways to improve the B&B, As usual… This year, I thought I would try a fun new program because of something that I noticed last year while running the B&B. My arts and crafts gift shop and online presence has benefited hugely from the B&B. So when I think about my success, it feels a bit empty, as it only benefits me. So I thought this new program would be really wonderful not just for me but for other small crafting business folks who work from home and on small scale just trying to survive in a big world where we are trampled on by larger corporations, and organizations that only give exposure to things that can pay for that exposure. This program is a total win/win/win for EVERYONE who participates from The Wildflower Farm B&B, to you crafters, artists and makers, to the guests that we host here. So, here is the information about this new program and how to get involved.

The Comfortable Style Of Our Primitive Farm House rooms.

The Comfortable Style Of Our Primitive Farm House rooms.

ATTENTION CRAFTERS/ARTISTS AND MAKERS! We are going to try a new program here at the B&B. It is about helping you get more exposure. It is a win for you as it is exposure and every guest leaves here with your information so they can find you again in the future to make a purchase, a win for the B&B because we get to offer nice things to our guests at no extra charge to them, and a win for our guests, because they get introduced to what you all do as well as having a super high quality stay here at at the B&B. So it is a win all around, ups your  exposure and maybe sales, makes our B&B package more rich and high quality, makes our guests happier and introduces them to the work of many small crafters and artists across the region.

HOW IT WORKS: You send us samples and lots of business cards. We put those samples out for the guests and make sure in their paperwork to take with them, they get a copy of every card of every artist/crafter that participated in the program that added enrichment and comfort to their stay.

MORE: We are also looking for ARTISTS, painters who produce country and farm scene art. We hang it on our wall with a price tag, IF AND WHEN IT SELLS YOU GET 100% OF THE SALE WE TAKE NOTHING. It makes the B&B pretty while it is here, it may sell and it gets you exposure by being here, and guests enjoy seeing it on the walls making their stay that much more rich and beautiful, and they may even buy it to take home with them. Even if they don’t buy they will leave the B&B with your card so they know where to get good art in the future.

Tea- simple and all natural herbal
Wall art – country and farm scenes
Beauty/bath products- Bath bombs, all natural mud masks, etc….
Fiber Art: -Table runner/s – must fit in with the decor and style of the B&B guest room it goes in.
Re-purpose- dresser and small things like trays and stuffs
Baskets- hand made natural materials
Cups and pitcher- pottery
And more


We need a lot of business cards and a bunch of samples.

Samples must be packaged so they are pretty and country/farmhouse/rustic/primitive in appearance.

A list of all ingredients is required as are the proper warning labels.

Or in the case of art we need a price to put on it

And it must be framed.


The name of your business

Your blog site addy if you have one

Facebook page if you have one

Etsy or other shop addy so that they can purchase more.

Any other information you feel is pertinent.

ADDITIONAL EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES: Your creation and shop could wind up being featured on our blog…. Which has a following of over 25 hundred people. It may wind up in a post, and it likely will end up in our stuff we love category, a directory of things we have found that we really love. In both cases it will include links back to your shop and or page/s so that blog visitors can easily find and purchase from you.

TO PARTICIPATE: Contact us and we will get things rolling and give you any other information you need in order to participate in this great opportunity to generate sales through this wonderful opportunity for exposure.

At the end of the day, the truth about being a small label and crafter/maker/artist, is that only your customers support you. Your customers and other little people like you. We are stronger when we little ones support each other and promote each other’s work and draw attention not only to what we are making and doing but also to what others who are too small to gain much notice are doing. And often, the most beautiful, high end, and interesting things created are created by the small crafters/makers/and artists. Together, we are large enough to compete. So I welcome those interested in this new program that costs you NOTHING, to take full advantage of it.

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