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A visit With Moose

Posted on February 2, 2016



Most of this post will be all photos. But I wanted to explain what we are looking at and why. I wanted to share photos of Moose, these are new pictures. He is still quite skinny, but compared to what he looked like when I first met him, he looks so much better. He looks better because I have the best blog followers on planet earth. We have all been supporting him, or you have been supporting me and I have been helping to support him in his recooperation. I wanted all of you to see what you have contributed to. He still has a ways to go, but he is doing so much better. I also thought I would show off some pictures of his buddies. They are beautiful too. Some of them with issues of their own. All of them precious just like our buddy Moose.





See? Doesn’t he look better? He still has a long way to go, but he is fattening up quite nicely. Now, lets have a look at some of his buddies.

One Of Moose's Friends

One Of Moose’s Friends

This particular friend of Moose’s is a little nutty. He does love to play though.

Moose's hyper buddy

Moose’s hyper buddy


A calmer friend of Moose's.

A calmer friend of Moose’s.



Mulesy, is a tragic story as well… He is a feril miniature donkey. It seems at one time someone has been very cruel to him. Though he goes all gangsta on the other horses and has goat arch nemesies, he will not come near people. I like to toss carrots his way…. We hope that someday he unlearns whatever terrible lesson he has been taught so that he might have a life full of love… In the mean time, we respect him by keeping our distance and offering him yums. He seems satisfied with that for now. He really is totally adorable.

Mulesy's nemesies, the goats.

Mulesy’s nemesies, the goats.

Next door is a wild place where good things happen for living beings who are most in need. I am so glad I get to walk over whenever I like to make myself part of things over there. I love being able to help out. And I love having the best blog followers on earth who are so supportive of me so that I can contribute to the animals that need it most.

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