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Goatcatraz, Has Fallen!

Posted on February 23, 2016

Astrid, committing felony public urination.

Astrid, Caught In The Act Of Committing Felony Public Urination.

This is a photo of our second daily Goatcatraz prison break. I find myself wondering why we bother to put a fence up at all…. Seriously, we should get them a game system and hook up a TV out there for them to play video games on. It would probably keep them busier than the fence does. It might keep them gathered and penned in better too. This is actually kind of devestating. It would probably be cheaper to hook them up with a video game system too considering what I spend on the fence.

Today I was lucky, I had some friends over for the first escape. They helped me round them up and showed me how to make gate locks out of hay bale twine….. Unfortunately…. Here we are an hour later. Next time the hell with twine. I am going to Best Buy and getting them some Nintendo style game system and 4 joy sticks, see if that keeps them collected and occupied better than the fence does.

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