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The New England Snow Finally Arrives!

Posted on February 9, 2016

Avery, Comes In From The Snow

Avery, Comes In From The Snow

The cold is about to hit hard core…. And though very late this year, the snow finally arrived. We were happy to watch it from inside our farm house by the fire. At times it was so thick we couldn’t see the public road at the end of the private road to the house. The trees of the surrounding wood stayed still and welcomed the white falling from the sky.

We spent a lot of time on the couch by the fire drinking hot drinks, under a blanket. Half way through the day, we took the furry boys out. They had a ball. Yoda tried to dig to China through the piled up white stuff covering the grass. Avery, ran about looking for a place where it was shallow enough for him to do his business, then ran off to roll in the snow.

I thought it would be fun to share this little picture of Avery, just after he came in from running around outside….. His little puppy snout is still covered in snow. He had trouble getting it out of his face fur, and though here he is in his bed it didn’t take him long to come lay on the brick floor just in front of the wood stove to warm himself back up again.

It’s nice to finally see some snow… And for a short time I will love it, but in about a month it will have worn out it’s welcome. But for now, it finally feels like winter.

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  1. Pamela Clara Nichols

    Loving your blogs! ❄⛄❄

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