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A small Collage

Posted on June 13, 2016

My First Try At A Collage.

My First Try At A Collage.

Busy times here at the homestead. Lots of planting outside and new things happening. I just have not had time to keep up. But, I thought I would test my google collage maker thingy…. First time I have ever made a collage but I thought since it has been a while I would share.

On another note, here at the farm we were deeply affected by the recent shooting in Orlando, everything came to a bit of a sudden stop for a moment. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. We send our love and good wishes. And to the LGBT community, we want you to know, though this may make some people angry with us, we really don’t care…. We want you to know, we love you. And we are sickened to our core by what happened. We wish you safety and we hope this never happens again. Here at Wildflower Farm, we love all people of every race, religion, and sexual preference. We think of it as being one of the flowers, we can either be judgemental, or we can simply be a flower and add beauty to this world. We choose the latter.

And to everyone out there, please, be safe. Please, be compassionate, and please, put down your guns in favor of picking up understanding and respect of and for one another. We need to find a different way to interact with each other. So be a flower, and add beauty rather than judgement. We are only as strong as a society as our weakest members. What can we do to strengthen them? This is something I ask myself every day. I hope more people will add this question to their day. A very wonderful man used to tell me when I was a little girl, “whole world single flower.” I like to think that together we bloom, divided we wilt. Lets not allow ourselves to be divided by a hate filled act of violence. Let’s instead, come together to support each other. It’s what we do in our darkest hour that dictates who we are.

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