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Busy times!!

Posted on July 25, 2016

Just look at my garden grow!

Just look at my garden grow!

Super busy times here lately. I have been getting a crash course in gardening. It has been amazing. There is nothing like eating what you grow yourself. It is beyond satisfying. Everything is coming in strong and the rabbits and the groundhog next door have found it. We are busy trying to set up a fence to protect our hard work that pays in salad.

From Our Garden

From Our Garden

All different varieties of yummy can be found in our gardens. We do only organic gardening here and our soil is clean. So everything winds up tasty and chemical free. So delicious and natural. This is only a small selection of what we have going on. And the great part is, we will have a lot of yums coming up in the ground through the fall. There is so much more here than we will be able to eat ourselves!

This will be a 1000 lb pumpkin when it grows up.

This will be a 1000 lb pumpkin when it grows up.

So much coming in the fall including our pumpkins many of which will be free to a good home come halloween, for those that wish to pick one up. We will only have a hand full available but next year we will be expanding our pumpkin patch. Even so, for those friends and family that don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to hit up a local orchard for apple picking, come collect your pumpkin right here. We can BBQ for dinner and we can watch the goats play on the hill, you can make a fun afternoon and evening of pumpkin collection.

So much goes on out here in the quiet of the country. It seems to me that many people today miss the forest through the trees living in big cities then they talk about the slowness of pace out here. I just smile. Nothing happens slow here. And there is a lot of hard work. The only difference is my soul feels full out here and there are fewer people and less noise and pollution. But things move quickly here too, at least in the garden.

Thank you all for following up on what goes on here. So much more has happened too, but I will leave some of that for another day…


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