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Autumn Visitors And Fun

Posted on October 20, 2016

Wildflower Farm Road

Wildflower Farm Road

Every so often, interesting things from beyond the borders of our farm come up our little dirt and gravel road to visit the farm. Today, Buddy, from down at Balance Rock, came up our tree lined private road bearing hay for the pumpkin patch we are preparing for easy set up in the spring. He wasn’t alone.

Buddy's Cows

Buddy’s Cows

In the trailer with all my hay bales, these guys looked at me funny. We have never had cows on the property before. So this was very cool to have visiting cows.

I thought this would be fun to share. This way of life is still so new I expect a lot of firsts will happen over the next few years and I will do my best to keep a good chronicle.

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