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Posted on October 22, 2016



Look what we found on the goat fence the other night when we went out to put The Felon goats away in the shed for the night. A cute little mouse! Which made me wonder how it got up there. I didn’t realize mice were climbers. What was weirder is the cat had noticed it but didn’t seem to mind it at all. No interest in it which was shocking…

Lately here all kinds of little things like a slight over abundance of lady bugs in the house and mice on the fence and other little things seem to be going on all around the property. Clearly the season is changing and everything is reacting and preparing in it’s own way for what is coming next. All this behavior from the animals, makes me think this winter will be a doozy.  Or worse than usual as they say.

I am not ready to let go of the beautiful autumn yet. Events like this make it very clear, Not to be mistaken for an episode of Game of Thrones but, winter is coming. Winter is coming quickly and winter is going to be a nasty woman this year. (sorry, had to find a way to use the nasty woman bit. As a woman, I aspire to be one. Or to be at least as nasty as a New England Winter.)

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