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Posted on June 18, 2017

Our Vegies

Our Vegies

It is a hot and humid hellish day…. I won’t lie about it. Nor will I pretend that I am enjoying melting from the heat. I have pretty serious asthma, and this kind of climate condition actually makes me very sick. I can’t beĀ  out in it for too long at a time. Doesn’t matter how much I hit off my inhalers. So I am doing the gardening the asthma sufferers way. Out for a few minutes planting, in for a few minutes of air that I can breathe, then back out and back in. It’s rough, but slowly slowly, the gardens begin to take form. We have all kinds of things planted out there. Including, the big pumpkin patch where I am also growing a few other things such as some sun flowers and watermelons.



This little guy, dropped in while I was watering all the plants hanging from the back purgala. Isn’t he lovely?

Where The Grapes Grow

Where The Grapes Grow

We got our grapes going up the entrance of our secret garden a little earlier in the spring. I look forward to eating them and I am thinking of planting a whole mess more for wine making in another year or two.

Some Shots of last year's garden

Some Shots of last year’s garden

We look forward to another year of glorious gardens and visitors here at Wildflower Farm. We love how much our guests last year enjoyed our edible gardens at no extra cost, just as part of staying with us. We are working on setting up some lovely little romantic spots in the yard for a glass of wine in the evening…. Always crazy busy around here. But just like I won’t lie about my difficulty in this kind of heat and humidity I won’t lie either about how much I love and miss blogging about what is going on around here. Till next time I have a moment.

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