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Posted on June 15, 2017

Bath Time

Bath Time

You may wonder where I have disappeared to. My apologies. Life just gets so busy. I am outside in the garden, planting the vegetables and working in the pumpkin patch, or at the gym trying to lose the second ass I have managed to acquired…. Or upstairs getting the guest room ready for the next guest, or, outside with the dogs, or feeding the animals that live here at Wildflower Farm, the home of the Cafe Primrose blog. You may find me in Littleton, at my music class at Indian Hill. Or if all that fails…. Try looking for me up at Maple Wood Farm, more than 2 miles less than 3 miles up the road… I did it. I got myself a horse. So a huge amount of my time is now spent with him. I call him Pete.

Pete, takes up a lot of my time. I love him very much, he is a Canadian warm blood, and my new best friend. We have all kinds of adventures together and I look forward to writing more about them in the future. Some of our adventures he likes better than others…. For example, anything involving horse cookies is a definite fave, but bath time…. Yeh, not so much. I guess I need to get him a rubber ducky or something… Because he was not thrilled when I washed him earlier today. Oh well, it had to be done, he was filthy. Now he is clean.

Pete’s nick name is Old Reliable, I call him that, because he truly isn’t the sexiest horse in the barn. There are some hot shot hot bloods…. But my Pete, I can count on him through anything and that, that is worth everything to me. I can trust him. I can rely on his good behavior and sound temperment.

I look forward to loving Pete for years and year and years to come. I have missed this, and it feels so good being back doing what I love to do, that I seem to not be up dating this blog the way I should be. I hope you will all love Pete, as much as I do.

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