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Posted on August 11, 2017

Blackberry & Mulberry Salad

Blackberry & Mulberry Salad

I have been developing a new habit lately… Trying to eat healthy. I find being on a farm helps. The fresh clean air seems to change what my body craves. This morning I went out, and I picked some berries that grow wild all over the farm at this time of year. I was also gathering herbs and wildflowers for drying. So it has become a bit of a tradition this month so far, to go out in the morning flower and herb picking while I collect my berries. I bring them back wash the berries, add them to my breakfast plate, and twine the collected flowers and herbs into pretty bouquets for drying and then for sale over where my work sells in Sterling MA. I have a lot to prepare for, we get our own little room at the store we sell out of in September, so I am busy gathering and preparing and keeping myself on a healthy track so I have the energy to be ready for that.

I have many newer photos to share. But maybe another day. :) So sorry again for how irregular I have become, but life has just gotten really busy…. Which actually might be all the more reason to post more often. It is a nice way to reflect on life and to see it for all it’s beauty and more clearly. I promise I will try but I warn you I will likely fail. Oh well.

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