Cafe Primrose

Charitable Giving

Wildflower Farm and Cafe Primrose Studio, regularly make donations of either money or product to causes that touch my heart.

Our Causes:

MSPCA -Horse Ambulance Program

MSPCA – We donate use of our land to assist in the rehabilation being done by our neighbors for Nevins Farm

Moose – Moose, is the property of Nevin’s farm which is the farm animals branch of the MSPCA. He was seized in a criminal abuse and neglect case in which he was the victim. Our neighbor who heads up the horse ambulance program for the MSPCA and his wife who does rehab work with horses, presently foster Moose. I try to do whatever I can to help. I donate hay, money to buy hay, lots and lots of carrots…… He is over 800 lbs under weight. This charitable giving might be my favorite of all the charity we do…..

My New Friend Moose


Indian Hill Music School’s Scholarship program- This program helps children who otherwise would not be able to afford music lessons. It is a cause we are proud to support.

The Gentle Barn – They care for animals that need help and they do a fantastic job. We are happy to help support them and the animals they care for.

19 Carter, is an old church that the wonderful small town of Berlin, the town I love and call my home, has been trying to turn into a community center from what I understand for some time. We donate to this cause and encourage anyone that would like to help a small and old town to preserve it’s history while providing a special place for the locals to mingle, to donate also. As I have said, this is my home and I love all the wonderful, colorful characters that I am only beginning to get to know. Being able to contribute to this cause really means a lot to me knowing that it benefits my neighbors and their children. To support this cause, check out this page. Thank you so much for showing love to the town I have adopted as my own.

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