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This is a list of some of our favorite cookbooks. Again, we operate on a merit based system. We are not a for sale advertiser in these lovable pages. These are all things we have experience with and love because they are so wonderful and are of such value to us. For more information on this page and the other lovables  pages, contact us. We are very friendly and happy to answer your questions.



The Ultimate Bread Machine CookBook by Jennie Shapter

The Ultimate Bread Machine CookBook
by Jennie Shapter

I love this book. It rocks. It’s one of my all time favorite books to just look through when I am bored. Even when I don’t need to make bread. This book, has some of the greatest illustrations of any cook book I have ever seen. It has quite a lot of information about everything related to bread from fruits in bread and juices baked into bread to info on the various flours in existence. It is full of fun simple recipes with easily available materials. I use this book all the time. I don’t know where I would be anymore without it. It is a complete education. If you want to learn bread making, this is your book. It is available on Amazon.



The Artisan Bread Machine by Judith Fertig

The Artisan Bread Machine
by Judith Fertig

This is also one of the better bread books I have found. I love it because it is full of some really beautiful and delightful recipes. They are written simply and concisely. This book is full of specialty grains and other specialty material. There is nothing I wish more, than that I had even more use for this book. Because when I do use it i am always amazed by the resulting yummy. But, I live in a foreign country without proper language skills it is therefore impossible for me to locate many of the specialty ingredients. I look forward to being back in my own homeland and really putting this book through it’s paces because everything in it sounds so good. You can get this book at Amazon.



The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

The Little Paris Kitchen
by Rachel Khoo

This is as French, as it gets. For real. Great book full of lovely pictures of France and French cuisine. It has some really lovely stuff. The French can get a bit weird with food, but if you like weird and delicious and a bit unusual surprising yet simple, this is a book you are going to want. It has some fabulous recipes in it. One in particular that I love for lemon lavender chicken, doesn’t get more french than that. This book will cause you to view food in a different way as much of the material is, though delicious surprising to think about, for those who have never spent time in France. Especially when taken together. This is a great book true to the nature of french food. This book is available at Amazon.



In The Green Kitchen by Alice Waters


In The Green Kitchen
by Alice Waters

I love Alice Waters. She saved my life. She is part of the reason I have launched this blog. I am an extremely picky eater. I used to be a fast food garbage food junkie, that never gave a thought about what I was putting into my body. My family tried for over 20 years to make me understand. But they just preached and nagged and annoyed me and didn’t understand that I was an addict. And my drug was this filthy garbage food I was eating. One day, a year or 2 back, I was watching I think it was John Stuart or Colbert. Alice Waters, was the guest. And I was really struck and inspired by how she talked about food. She didn’t preach she didn’t nag…. She just…. Opened my eyes. Since that time, with the help of this fabulous book I have been learning her methods of cooking and I have typed up and framed and put on my kitchen door her Green Kitchen manifesto. Her book is a beacon in the dark that I would never choose to live without again. This book is also available at Amazon.



Everything Season Digital Cookbook, Recipes From Jonquil Junction. Written by Jonquil Junction

Everything Season Digital Cookbook, Recipes From Jonquil Junction. Written by Jonquil Junction

Everything Season
Recipes From Jonquil Junction

By Jonquil Junction

I was really excited to find this fabulous little digital cookbook in my inbox. My friends over at Jonquil Junction, truly rewarded me for being a long time fan and follower of their blog and Facebook page. The recipes in this book are fabulous, not overly difficult, most importantly they are natural and delicious and quite healthy. I can’t seem to stop looking through this beautiful book. And I am so grateful to be gifted such a wonderful resource on the basics of farm food and seasonal yums. To obtain a digital copy for yourself go visit the Jonquil Junction Etsy shop. It is reasonably priced and full of yums from caring, kind people. A great read and even greater to cook!




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