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These are some of our very favorite things! We are pleased to share with everyone, because for us, they work so well and are of such value to our life. This page, works like this for those curious…. No one pays me a penny to be listed here. They get featured here based on merit and my experience with them and their product/s. If you would like more information contact us.

Grammie's Little Aprons

Grammie’s Little Aprons

It began as a give away…. And it turned into an exchange. I want to introduce you all to the work of my friend Dawn, from Grammie’s Little Aprons. Dawn, is a sewing enthusiast. But more importantly, though from different regions of the country, we have become friends. She is a lovely person. So I wanted to draw some attention to some of what she does. It is really quite cool.

Dawn, takes old feed bags and with her mad sewing skills, she converts them into little tote bags! It’s really cool and kinda pretty. What else is great, is that these bags are reusable and can hold some actual weight. So they are highly functional. Take them to the grocery store. They are so much nicer than the other reusable bags that just have some Grocery store’s logo on them. When not making totes, Dawn focuses on aprons. Her work is fantastic as she holds herself to a very high standard.


Old Furnace Woodworks in Boston


I love these cutting boards by Old Furnace Woodworks, of Boston MA. They are beautifully rustic, highly efficient. We use them in our kitchen almost daily for everything. They make beautiful trays when guests come over and I simply don’t know how I would live without them. The people of Old Furnace Woodworks, are also highly skilled they do things other than cutting boards. They are extremely pleasant to deal with. There simply are not enough good things I can say about this Etsy shop.You can find these boards on Etsy at, Old Furnace Woodworks.


Kenwood-bm250 Bread Maker


This is the model and brand of bread maker we have. We got it a couple a few christmaes ago. We love it dearly. I use it at least twice a week. It make everything and works like a dream. It is very basic and simple to use. All that is necesary is pouring in the ingredients in the proper order, and pressing a couple of buttons. A few hours later, there is really delicious warm bread. One thing I love about this little bread maker, is that it doesn’t cut off the scent of the bread baking. So instead of that delicious smell being trapped in the bread maker, it permeates the whole house. This is a great little toy.  It is probably available on Amazon.


Pentik Salsa sandwich Base


I first came across these in Finland. My mother in law has a beautiful aged set of them. It is worn from time. She has been feeding her family on it for years and years and years. I fell in love with the simplicity and the aged and natural look. Very Scandinavian rustic. These are very traditional where my husband comes from. You would be hard pressed to find a home without a set of these beautiful plates. Finns, live on rye bread. They like to butter it and add salami and a wide range of other goodies on top of it. These plates are pulled out every morning for their hearty rye bread breakfast, and again at dinner time. In many households they just put the silverware on top of these plates and place the napkin on the other side. These plates are part of any properly set Finnish table. My mother in law saw how much I loved them. So she bought me my own very special set about a year ago. I use these all the time. Half the time I just brush them off or just run them under a little water rather than even taking the time to wash them. They really are beautiful and very useful. You can purchase them at Pentik


Mauviel M’cook stainless steel frying pan

I can’t love these pots enough. Getting onto this list takes some doing. It isn’t easy. I am a pretty tough grader when it comes to products I love. I love things for all rooms of the house not just the kitchen but lately the kitchen has been my main focus and I am so proud to have added a set of these beautiful handmade pots to my collection of kitchen ware. I can not say enough good things about them. Back in the old days traveling around the world for so long I got on pretty intimate terms with some pots from some cheaper establishments that end in kea. I find now, using these new pots, that are 5 ply and well made, that I actually taste my food rather than tin and teflon that I used to get to savor for every cooked meal in my house. These pots are incredible they are pricey but worth every dollar and penny.  I love you Mauviel. Truly madly deeply. Handmade pots from a  village in France since 1830. If you don’t own a set of these pots you are really missing out. You can get them on Amazon or directly from Mauviel in France.


Mikasa coffee setting

These are great dishes such a pretty white. Dish washer safe and microwave safe. They are lovely and light but still heavy enough to have a nice feel to them. They are easy to clean, and they make every table look gorgeous. I saw them and I knew they were going to be mine. So I told my mother how much I needed them to bring some magic to Cafe Primrose blog. She bought them for me and I was lucky enough to open them early. They are nicer than the picture of them that I first saw on Amazon. I love these dishes. Really nice and easy to dress up and down. Fabulous and beautiful. I don’t think any other set on the market would have made me quite so happy as these have. What more can I say? They seem sturdy and well made. Very nice dish set. You can get your own on Amazon.

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