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Service Providers We Love

This is just a short list of who we use for different things. The folks who make a good impression and do the job right and at a reasonable cost.

CSI Culley’s Septic Inc. –

I LOVE them! They actually inspired this entire new page. They were wonderful. They wouldn’t quit till they found the problem, fixed the problem, and drove me to a neighbor’s place to visit my horse buddy, Moose. They stayed late to help me feel safe till my husband came home one evening. These guys are good at what they do.  They are a family business with a family approach. They were kind to my dogs when they passed through the house. They were kind to The Felons in the yard even when the Felons were misbehaving. The guys (and girls) from CSI treated them, with compassion and respect and patience. If you live in a small town without a public sewer…. I recommend them. No, I will go further than that, you are bordering on dumb if you have problems with your septic or any other septic issue and you don’t call CSI.

Balance Rock Farm

I first discovered Balance Rock Farm some time now. Initially, I had no idea they delivered. Until they literally “bailed” me out while my husband was away on a business trip and we ran out of hay. I can’t drive over to pick up more since I can’t drive. Balance Rock, delivered immediately. Since then I have utilized their wonderful delivery service on a number of occasions. They are fabulous and highly reliable. They lift the heavy objects to put them where I need them to go….. And they are wonderfully nice about everything. They are old style farmers, and I still feel a bit odd accepting their product and being trusted to go down to their store as soon as I get a chance to settle up as they are busy and don’t want to wait for me to write a check now. We are of course good for it. And we would be very upset hearing about them being stiffed by anyone because they are just so wonderful and trusting. They have been the most amazing resource since we started trying to farm. (I like to think my cluelessness entertains them.) They are a great source of information, and even took in a rooster that we couldn’t keep. And I can feel good and like he is in a good place with good people….. I look forward to ordering chicks from them for the spring as our population could use an influx. If you are looking for hay or feed delivery, or wonderful natural bacon, other meat and chicken, or just a friend and some friendly advise….. Go check out Balance Rock. You won’t be dissapointed.

I am so glad, that I had a fresh delivery of heating oil a few days back when I look out my window at all that vile white stuff on the ground yet again. I have the best oil company. The guy who delivers lives right up the road. He provides fabulous and regular service. I actually met him for the first time just the other day. He has been following my Felon Goats. He thinks they look innocent. What he doesn’t realize is that is their naughty goat super power. The more innocent they look the more you know they are plotting against me and their fence, in order to get out and run the neighborhood on another crime spree. I was surprised he followed the goats. But evidently he finds them very funny. You know you have a good one providing you service when they like your goats. I have to say I have found that time and again. We get fabulous product, at a reasonable rate, and a nice guy to deliver it as regularly as necessary all courtesy of Northboro Oil Co.,INC.

I highly recommend them. Fair prices, local, good product, good service, most importantly nice people. Felon Goat followers is also a plus.



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